What The Doctors Dare Not Tell You

How Vaccines Harm Child’s Brain Development, by Richard Blaylock, MD

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With candour and enthusiasm I welcome you to how to remain healthy and overcome any disease!

Here you’ll find solutions – not disease management. You want to overcome your health problem not placate it, right? With that in mind, you’ll find information here that are not considered acceptable by the media and universities.

Think about it, the medical profession makes money off of the sick and dying. Doctors make money, pharmacies make money, and the pharmaceutical industry – which influences everyone under them – make billions of dollars a year! So, do you think that they want a cure? Of course not!

Shareholders of any corporation that makes money off disease what a profitable return on their investment, right? This is part of capitalism, but when it comes to health, it works against the people.

What the doctors dare not tell you is the truth about how to get well and say well. In all honesty, most of them are ignorant of the facts you’ll see on this website. And, when told, many of them will get hostel. Why? Because they simply will not understand that the 10s of thousands of dollars they spent on their education, that these professors don’t know this and tell them. Then, you have others that can perceive that their livelihood is on the line, so they don’t want to hear more so they can, without feeling a guilty conscious, continue to medicate, operate and radiate people. Finally, there are those who want to keep the lies going because they simply don’t think like you or I, they are not one of us.

Think of the “War on cancer,” and “The war on x (any disease you can think of); look at the figures 50 years ago and compare it to now. Are we winning these “wars” or are we losing? We are losing big time!

There is nothing wrong with making money, but when money is made by the organic food shops or by those who made natural food supplements, these hypocrites of Big Pharma shout – “They are making a profit off this?” Well, what is wrong with making money (a modest amount, I might add) while people are getting better! But they change their tune when they make billions per year and the people are getting sicker and sicker.

With that in mind, welcome to Candour Enthusiasm – where we should have candour and enthusiasm is getting healthy and staying healthy.

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God bless you all!