Animals In The Wild Are Healthier Than Their Domestic Counter-Part


  It’s very interesting to me how human beings take such pride in being able to solve the most complicated and challenging problems, to take on tasks of monumental difficulty and adversity and come out victorious. Any apparently insurmountable, maze-like enigma, the more puzzling and baffling the better, is taken on with an indomitable resolve, with an Einstein-like perseverance until people triumph and the solution is achieved. Anything from the making of a computer chip to constructing a rocket ship to go to the moon―nothing is beyond our ability to prevail. Except, it seems, figuring out how to eat so as not to become overweight.

What I find to be equally interesting are those people who delight in unraveling the most complex and obscure of concepts but are somehow incapable of grasping the simplest ones. Those people who are overeducated or educated beyond their intelligence seem to be convinced that there are no simple answers to difficult questions. And nowhere is that way of thinking more prevalent than when discussing the enormous benefits that can be realized by the simple action of eating more living food than dead food. “Surely it can’t be that simple or we would already have discovered it.”

We have been told for so long that the problem of overweight is a daunting challenge that is far too complex for there to be any simple answers that most people, especially those who have “tried every diet that has come down the pike,” have come to believe it. So much so that I have actually known people to complain that it’s too simple to accept. I then have to ask them, “If the answer were something more complicated, more inconvenient and more expensive, would you have more faith in it then?”

Your understanding of how to lose weight successfully comes down to your acknowledging the truth behind the statement, living bodies require living food. It seems ludicrous, almost comical that something so obvious would even have to be stated. Instead, I feel like I need to repeat it at least a dozen times and shout it out at the top of my voice: LIVING BODIES REQUIRE LIVING FOOD!

We humans stand alone as the one and only species on Earth to cook all the life out of our food before eating it and then wonder in dismay why we don’t feel well and can’t lose weight. The only time other animals, the so-called “lower animals,” become overweight is when they come into contact with us. Wild dogs and wild cats never, ever become overweight. But let them become our pets and eat food that has had all the life cooked and processed out of it, and you start to see dogs and cats become pudgy.

If it is indeed true that living food is so very much more important to eat than dead food, we might understandably wonder how and why we ever started eating cooked food in the first place. I have pondered that very question myself. Who knows for sure?

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come. ―VICTOR HUGO

For the complete, clearly stated message of how to recapture control of your life as regards your health and your weight, which are as inseparable as a tree is to the ground on which it stands, read the words in bold at the right. We couldn’t hope for a more no-nonsense, straightforward premise to live by than that. As you progress through this book, it will become entirely clear to you exactly what I mean by “living food.” For now, I wish to allay any concerns you may have that I will be suggesting you eat raw meat. Considering the number of different bacteria that can thrive on raw meat, and the fact that some of them can be deadly, I would never recommend eating raw meat of any kind. In truth, it is a practice that definitely should be avoided. As you will soon learn, living food refers primarily to fruits and vegetables in their natural, uncooked state. SINCE LIVING BODIES REQUIRE LIVING FOOD, EAT MORE LIVING FOOD THAN DEAD FOOD.

Now, we would never dream of putting the incorrect fuel in our cars. To put Coca-Cola or water in the gas tank instead of gasoline would be viewed as lunacy by most everyone. But for some inexplicable reason, that is exactly what we are doing to our bodies. The living body can no more function properly on dead food than a car can run on Coca-Cola. Just as you know very well that you have to put gasoline in your car, you must put living food into your body. Could this possibly be too difficult a concept to grasp?

In keeping with my promise to keep things simple and unencumbered, I am going to simplify another area that seems to confuse those people who want to know how much of what food group should be eaten so as to help them lose weight. High protein, low protein, all protein, no protein. High carb, low carb, no carbs. Fruits, fats, sugar. No matter how much of each a program, person or book recommends we consume, someone somewhere says just the opposite. I can see why people want to tear their hair out from frustration.

In 1923, there were twelve food groups. Can you imagine? In 1941, it was reduced to seven food groups, and by 1960, the now famous (or infamous) four food groups became the standard. Even though four is far easier to deal with than twelve, it still has people confused. Let’s clear it up right now.

There are only two food groups you have to concern yourself with, not four. And you know what they are, don’t you? Living food and dead food. Whichever you wish to be (living or dead), all you have to do is see to it that your diet is predominated by foods from that group. What could be easier? With the passage of time, as you become more familiar with the concept of eating more living food than dead food, or shall we say, cooked food (as they are synonymous), it will become increasingly clear to you what a freeing way of life it is. Eating not only remains a joy, as you are not “prohibited” from eating any food, but simultaneously it also brings your body to a healthy weight.

Now, when I state that no foods are forbidden that is not to imply, as some temporary, ill-conceived diets sometimes suggest, that you can “eat all the steak, pizza and cheesecake you want and still lose weight.” Not that you can’t eat steak, pizza and cheesecake if you want; you can, but what you will come to learn is that it is the amount of these foods you eat compared to the amount of living food you eat that matters. It is the balance between these two foods, living and cooked, that is crucial.

Of course, the question most on your mind has to be, “Well, for optimum results, what is the ideal balance?” That is, indeed, the most important question, and I will answer it in the next chapter along with the other particulars that will help you reach the goal of predominating your diet with living food so as to normalize your weight and improve your overall well-being. I think it is a trait of human nature to want proof when presented with new concepts, ideas and theories that challenge prevailing thought. In the area of health, well-being, weight loss and the like, that is invariably the case.

Owing to the long line of disappointments people have endured with all manner of weight-loss schemes that have come and gone, it is completely understandable that people would want some proof that this approach will work. You’re probably wondering, “Where’s the science?” That the premise presented is physiologically sound, there can be no doubt. You do not have to be a scientist to grasp the wisdom of providing the living body with living food. And although the greatest proof of all is in the doing, thereby seeing first-hand if it works for yourself, I do have a couple of offerings that will lend credence to the guiding principle that is being recommended.

The first is of a scientific nature. Before sharing it, I want to state clearly that, although I do rely on scientific studies to substantiate some of my work, I don’t consider science to be the end-all and be-all. After all, science declares that there is no proof that there’s a God. History is rife with examples of science declaring something to be or not to be so, only to find out later that it was wrong.

Science once declared that smoking was a harmless habit, even recommended it for better digestion. Most everyone has heard of the scientific study that determined that a bumblebee’s wings are not strong enough to carry its weight and therefore can’t fly. Someone forgot to tell the bumblebee, however. Mere unorthodoxy or dissent from the prevailing mores is not to be condemned.


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