Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine For many of the health conditions in this book, you’ll find a number of remedies that involve meditation, progressive relaxation, yoga, or tai chi. Whatever form they take, relaxation and meditation techniques have proved their power. In recent years, the success of mind-body healing has been borne out by some remarkable evidence. One …

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Finding What Works

Finding What Works In current medical practice, traditional healing techniques are sometimes neglected, but with luck they’re never forgotten. Physical therapists use the same hot and cold treatments that were popular among Native American tribes—treatments that often work better than aspirin, with none of the side effects. Kitchen cuts certainly heal better when you apply …

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Supplements “Supplements” used to mean garden-variety vitamins and minerals that people took to give their diets a boost. Today, pharmacy shelves practically sag under the weight of amino acids, natural hormones, and antioxidants, to name just a few. For a long time, doctors pooh-poohed the sometimes extravagant claims of supplement manufacturers. To be sure, there …

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