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The Many Uses of Hemp

Hemp was outlawed for money reasons. Hemp is a better product for making paper, for making car chassis, and of course, for health reasons. Hemp is a good super food and a source for protein and Omega 3.

I recommend that you download all videos that shows alternative therapies and cures for whatever disease. Why? It’s just a matter of time before YouTube and others ban such information – as they have with other information that is not “politically correct.” So, how do you download YouTube videos? By going to: MP3 Tool Box. CLICK HERE for the link. This is a free service. Or, you can do your own search on Google under “YouTube downloader,” or words to that effect.

Check out this short video here…


Aspiring YouTuber quits full-time work, consumes 5,500 calorie meals in front of strangers

Aspiring YouTuber quits full-time work, consumes 5,500 calorie meals in front of strangers

Vlogger Charna Rowley, 22, is part of a sick craze of gorging herself with food. She is obese now, so, it’s just a matter of time that she will get sick and she’ll wonder why!

A woman has gone part time at her day job to pursue eating copious amounts of unhealthy takeaways – containing more than 5,500 calories a meal – for a living.

Charna Rowley, 22, is pursuing her dream of becoming the UK’s first mukbang Youtube star.

Mukbang is an internet trend whereby people watch total strangers gorging on junk food. The fad originated in 2011 in South Korea, but is still relatively unknown elsewhere in the world.

The phrase Mukbang comes from combining the Korean words for eating (muok-da) and broadcast (bang song).

Unfortunately, she is not the only one doing this, if you just do a search on YouTube with the word “Mukbang,” you’ll find others. This craze started in South Korea. Also, there has been on TV the show “Man vs Food”, now it’s on YouTube with other people.

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See a sample of the video here:


Make sure you see the Comments. The viewers think that she’s sick (mentally, but soon to be physically, too)!

Why Sugar Ages You

by Markus Rothkrantz


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