The Three Phases Of Metabolism

First Phase: Drastic Weight Loss

During the first phase (called catabolism), the accent is on elimination, or breaking down of tissue. The body begins to clean house-to remove the garbage deposited in all the tissues-everywhere. During this period the body “removes the ashes from the furnace preparatory to getting a better fire.” Here the accentuation is on removal of the gross and immediate body obstructions. Wastes are discarded more rapidly than new tissue is made from the new food. This becomes evident as weight loss. This persists for a while and is then followed by the second phase-called stabilization.

Here the weight remains more or less stable. During this phase the amount of waste material being discarded daily is equal to the amount of tissue which is being formed and replaced by the newer more vital food. This occurs after the excess of obstructing material in the tissues has been removed. This stage persists for a while and is then followed by a third phase-a building-up period (called anabolism) wherein weight starts to go up, even though the diet is lower in calories than it was before. At this point, much or most of the interfering wastes have already been discarded-the tissues which have been formed since the diet was raised in quality are more durable and do not break down easily.

Also, new tissues are now being formed faster. This is due to the improved assimilation and increase of enzyme efficiency which resulted from the recuperation of the digestive mechanism-made possible by the ceasing of wrong food combining. The body’s need for the usual amounts of food decreases and we are able to maintain our weight and increased energies with less food. Many are able to function very efficiently on two meals a day and eventually even on one meal a day. As the body progressively increases in efficiency and decreases in tissue breakdown under exercise, so do we gradually need less and less food to maintain life. The higher the percentage of raw food one lives on, the slower the rate of tissue degeneration which one evolves into. A sick body requires a gradual, carefully-worked-out entry into this stage- where one is able to live on a 100% unfired (raw) diet.

Returning to the symptoms which occur on a superior nutritional program-people who have had tendencies in the past to recurring skin rashes or eruptions will frequently tend to eliminate poisons and harmful drugs through the skin with new rashes or eruptions. If they go to a physician now who is not familiar with this aspect of nutrition, he will diagnose it as an allergy. They ask, “How come I’m eating better now than I did before and instead I’m getting worse?” They don’t understand that the body is “retracing.” The skin is getting more alive and active. It’s throwing out more poisons more rapidly, now that the body has more power, which is saved by the discontinuation of those hard-to-digest meals. These toxins being discarded are saving you from more serious disease, which will result in-if you keep them in your body too much longer-possible hepatitis, kidney disorder, blood disease, heart disease, arthritis, nerve degenerations or even cancer-depending upon your structural weaknesses. Be happy you’re paying your bills now on an easy-payment plan.

With some, colds which haven’t appeared for a long time may occur, or even fevers. This is nature’s way of housecleaning. Understand that these actions are constructive, even though unpleasant at the moment. Don’t—but don’t try to stop these symptoms by the use of certain drugs, or even massive doses of vitamins, which will act as drugs in huge concentration. These symptoms are evidence of a remedial process. Don’t try to “cure” the remedial process! These are not deficiency conditions or allergic manifestations—not if you’re eating properly in quality, quantity, combination and sequence. Here is where experienced advice is of great value. Unfortunately there are few books present today which give full guidance to the average reader. Try to find guidance through a doctor or teacher who has the requisite experience in this most confusing of all subjects-nutrition in relation to health and disease.

Body Purification Can Be a Long Drawn-Out Process

You may be eating perfectly in quantity, quality and observing all the correct rules, and still symptoms will occur. Those who have lived better lives in the past-who have eaten better foods and who have abused their bodies less with overeating, will have reactions ranging from almost none at all, or very mild, to symptoms which may be uncomfortable or acute. Those who have lived worse lives and poisoned themselves more will experience more severe symptoms if their liver, kidneys or other important eliminating organs have been damaged. When they have been renovated to the point of fair working order, they will no longer produce symptoms.

Headaches may occur at the beginning. Fever, colds, the skin may break out, a short interval of bowel sluggishness, occasional diarrhea, feelings of tiredness or weakness, disinclination to exercise, nervousness, irritability, negativity or feeling mentally depressed, frequent urination, also may occur. However, the great majority of people find their reactions tolerable and are encouraged to bear with them because of the many improvements which have already occurred and are becoming more evident with each day. This acts as an inspirational force to them.

The symptoms will vary according to the materials being discarded, the condition of the organs involved in the elimination and the amount of energy you have available. The more you rest and sleep when symptoms are present, the milder they are and the more quickly they are terminated. Be happy you are having symptoms. Realize deeply that your body is becoming younger and healthier every day because you are throwing off more and more wastes which would eventually have brought pain, disease and much suffering. Those who have the worst symptom-reactions and follow through to their successful termination, are thus avoiding some of the worst diseases which would have eventually developed had they continued their careless eating habits.

Blissful State of Health Comes Eventually

Don’t expect to go on an ascending scale of quality improvement in the diet and think you will feel better and better each day until you reach perfection. The body is cyclical in nature and health returns in a series of gradually diminishing cycles. For example—you start a better diet and for a while you feel much better. After some time, a symptom occurs, you may feel nauseous for a day and have a diarrhea with a foul-smelling stool. After a day you feel even better than before and all goes fine for a while. Then you suddenly develop a cold, feel chills and lose your appetite. After about two or three days (assuming you don’t take drugs or do anything else about it) you suddenly recover and feel better than you did for years. Let us say this well-being continues for two months, when you suddenly develop an itch or rash. You still don’t take anything special for it. This rash flares up, gets worse and continues for ten days and suddenly subsides. Immediately after this you find your hepatitis is gone and your energy has increased more than ever before. The rash became an outlet for the poisons in the liver which produced hepatitis. This is how recovery occurs, like the Dow-Jones Average at the beginning of a bull-market recovery. You feel better, a reaction occurs and you don’t feel as well for a short while. You recover and go even higher. And so it goes, each reaction milder than the last as the body becomes purer, each becoming shorter in duration, feeling better than ever before and lasting longer, until you reach a level plateau of vibrant health. Here you become relatively disease-free and are filled with ever-increasing joy, life and the happiness which comes from sheer well-being. The mind opens up and expands to ever-higher horizons and your soul will shout for joy. You begin to love the world, the universe and everything in it. This is the natural state of the mind—blissful, joyful and at peace with the universe—and it can only be attained by alignment with biological laws. The first laws we must learn to obey are the laws of Nature. We must learn to eat simple, pure and natural J foods properly prepared and combined, and our bodies in return will cast off the evil we have taken in during our lives.

Nowhere is the principle of forgiveness of sins more manifest than here—in our own bodies—when we forsake our evil and destructive ways of eating (the defiling of the temple of the soul). God (or Nature, if you please) gives us a whole new chance for a new glorious life. All repentance must begin here in the body, through purer diet and natural foods. Then, just have faith, sit back and watch what happens. Before your own eyes, you will see signs daily that will cause you to wonder at this vast intelligence in operation that staggers the comprehension. The mysteries of the body, the operations of Nature, the vital forces working in Nature and the Cosmos are far beyond what our minds are prepared to understand at present.

Every great physician or scientist who ever lived marvelled in awe and humility at the wonders of Nature. Yes, we are, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.” Let us give ourselves a chance to experience what it means to be really healthy and fully alive—to feel the joy of living by aligning ourselves to (God’s) Nature’s laws as intended for man, through the eating of natural (normal) foods. This indeed is the prime prerequisite in man’s physical, mental and spiritual unfoldment.

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